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Release of 'Kai Kristiansen an Industrious Designer'

Book launch of 'Kai Kristiansen: An Industrious Designer' by Sisse Bro

Classics of Danish Modern design, the furniture of Kai Kristiansen is durable, functional and adaptable—and still in demand globally. Written in conjunction with the designer, 'Kai Kristiansen: An Industrious Designer' is the first overview of his more than 70-year career and prolific output.

As part of the book launch and the celebration of Kristiansen's work, Hotel Alexandra revealed the 'Kai Kristiansen room' - a permanent hotel room decorated solely with his furniture design.


The copiously illustrated biography reveals how Kristiansens basic tenets of economy and ecology influenced the manufacturing processes of the furniture industry outside the spotlight of Copenhagen. Looking back at his life and career, he now tells his own story, sharing his approach, experiences, and visions.


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