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Kai Kristiansen & Friends

Kai Kristiansen & Friends

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Economy, Ecology And Common Sense

Today, when Kai is asked about the ideas and visions behind his work, Kristiansen repeats the same words: economy, ecology and common sense. According to him, these are the parameters he has taken into consideration throughout his career.


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Danish Design Classics

From the Golden Age of Danish Design

Kaare Klint had a great influence on Kai's work and also Verner Panton were a great inspiration in his youth and were close friends, Børge Mogensen and Finn Juhl’s work also affected Kai. As a great admire of Klint’s thought process Mogensen took some of Klint’s classes at the Academy therefore Kai have also received lessons from Mogensen from time to time.


From Kai Kristiansen & Friends customers

My new Entre unit got delivered surprisingly fast and everything is perfect. I'm really impressed by the quality

Mette JepsenCustomer

I had my doubts about whether I should by the cube in oak or in walnut, but I have not regretted my choice - I simply LOVE the walnut and the exclussive look it brings to my home.

Alina SmithCustomer

The best thing about The Cube is that it can be used for different purposes

Maria VilhelmsenCustomer

Finally I found the perfect bedsidetable! We went for the oak edition, and it just looks amazing with our brasslamps.

Michella RadcliffCustomer

Fast Delivery

Our policy is to have everything in stock and keep the leadtime to a minimum of 5 working days

Danish design & functionalism

When buying a piece of Kai Kristiansen furniture, you are entering a world of danish design classics. Danish design classics are wellknown throughout the world for the unique way of combining beautiful designs and functionality, without compromising one of them. 

5 years warranty

The quality of Kai Kristiansen pieces are made to last more than a lifetime and can be past on to the next generation.