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by Kai Kristiansen

Entre A

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Lenght: 61 cm
Width: 36 mm
32.5 cm

Entre A / Model 381

The Entre serie was originally produced by Aksel Kjærsgaard from 1950-1959 and is now relaunched by Kai Kristiansen & Friends and has been upgraded with a nice finish on the back, thus the furniture now can be free standing.

The Entre serie is made in solid wood legs and drawer fronts. To keep the highest possible quality level, the top plate is made in veneer.

Entre is a series of distinctive entrance furniture with a simple and exclusive expression. This series consists of sideboards, storage options and mirrors and we're working on making the full serie available for sales.

Entre - drawings
The original drawings of the Entre serie 

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Danish design & functionalism

When buying a piece of Kai Kristiansen furniture, you are entering a world of danish design classics. Danish design classics are wellknown throughout the world for the unique way of combining beautiful designs and functionality, without compromising one of them. 

5 years warranty

The quality of Kai Kristiansen pieces are made to last more than a lifetime and can be past on to the next generation.