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by Kai Kristiansen

UNI Master


The 4110 Uni-Master is designed by Kai Kristiansen. The sophisticated armrests, combined with the overall design of the chair, offer outstanding comfort and highlight the unrivalled craftsmanship.
The 4110 Uni-Master fits into various interiors thanks to its timeless design.

The Chair was initially designed to be flat-packed, a so-called knock-down piece. Yet today we're facing another culture, economy and standards for good quality furniture, so now this chair leaves the factory completely finished.

The chair is produced by Miyazaki Chair Factory in Japan.

Fast Delivery

Our policy is to have everything in stock and keep the leadtime to a minimum of 5 working days

Danish design & functionalism

When buying a piece of Kai Kristiansen furniture, you are entering a world of danish design classics. Danish design classics are wellknown throughout the world for the unique way of combining beautiful designs and functionality, without compromising one of them. 

5 years warranty

The quality of Kai Kristiansen pieces are made to last more than a lifetime and can be past on to the next generation.